What We Offer


We offer rental solutions that include a complete package to meet all our customers’ requirements.
  • A team of qualified professionals help you optimize your management costs whether you have a fleet of vehicles or a single car.


Yearly rental packages are available for individuals and corporate entities. Depending on the quantity and period needed, special rental packages are worked out to be economically convenient and feasible for customers.
  • Special mobile service team on site at the request of corporate clients.
  • 24x7 winch and service assistance to users of vehicles in their times of difficulty


Our priority is your satisfaction in our vehicles and services. We are committed to delivering the best value for money by being economical and competitive in the market.
  • A dedicated assistance based service to meet your every requirement.
  • 24x7 on-road mobile assistance to keep your vehicle in check at all times.
  • A replacement vehicle in the event of a sudden breakdown
  • Replacement of tires during scheduled service of vehicles.
  • Customer service team for timely assistance in various issues.
  • Queuing Management system to meet delivery standards and help our customers meet their goals.


Your monthly installments last from 12 to 36 months throughout the contract and also includes the financing of your vehicle.

Sustainable Solutions

The new branch & service centre features sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions such as:
  • Total compliance of all COVID protocols for customers and employees at all locations.
  • Large glass panels at all our centres utilise natural light to minimise energy consumption
  • Internal CRM systems to minimise our waste production when it comes to all services.
  • Safe methods adopted to handle and dispose of waste oil & batteries post service.